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Long before you finish your first listen to the new Squeeze album ‘Cradle ToThe Grave,’ you realise that no one has ever come close to taking their place.

For the admirers beyond number who’ve been willing their return, the release date of the band’s first record of new songs in 17 years should be a national holiday.

‘Cradle ToThe Grave’ is the sound of Squeeze going backwards to go forwards. It marks the complete and, frankly, triumphant reintegration of the masterful songwriting axis of Chris Difford and Glenn Tilbrook, in a beautifully-observed series of fond vignettes aboutchildhood, growing up and the absurdities of the ride through life we’re all on.

Squeeze’s 14thstudio album was produced with old comrade Laurie Latham, in a refreshed band line-up that now features Stephen Large on keyboards, Simon Hanson on drums and Lucy Shaw on bass, all three of them from Tilbrook’s own band on his solo albums and tours, the Fluffers. Early Squeeze bassist John Bentley also played on the first half of the recordings.

A collection of fresh Difford & Tilbrook copyrights to stand tall among the anthems they’ve lodged in the public consciousness since the late 1970s, the first new Squeeze album since 1998’s ‘Domino’ is joyous news enough.

But it’s also receiving a brilliantly appropriate introduction, with songs from the record featuring prominently in‘Cradle To Grave,’ the newcomedy drama based on Danny Baker’s memoirs and starring Peter Kay.


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